About Us

Silverton Friends of Music is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Donations are tax deductible, please check with your tax adviser.  Donations will be used to supplement and enhance music education throughout Silver Falls School District.

Our Story:

In January 2016 a group of parents and community members joined together to discuss music in our district and forming a possible booster club.  After discussion we determined we wanted to start a Friends of Music, a non-profit that supported Kindergarten through 12th grade in our Silver Falls School District.   

Over the past three years our district has sustained cuts to music.  Our group in addition to fundraising for the High School Band and Choir, starting a community Children's Choir, is starting a new Harmony Project, and started a new tradition of Music Mondays, Creekside Concert Series.  Silverton Friends of music is an advocacy group.  We attend the school board meetings every month, and have been vocal about not cutting more music, and have been vocal about bringing back music education that we've lost.  

Every day we gain more supporters and donors for our cause as our community knows how important and beneficial music education, especially in our elementary children's lives can be.  

Board of Directors

From Left to right:  

Sarah Weitzman, President sweitzman@silvertonfriendsofmusic.org

Lainie Pyper, Vice President of Hospitality

Julia Fabrizio, Silverton Children's Choir Director, julia@silvertonfriendsofmusic.org

Tracy Duerst, Treasurer

pictured Heidi Sanchez, former board member

Secretary, Mike Ashland

Vacant, Vice President of Fundraising